Dan Hesse responds by saying that Sprint has no current plans to change data pricing

Dan Hesse responds by saying that Sprint has no current plans to change data pricing
AT&T has rocked the boat in the US market as they announced that they will no longer be offering unlimited data plans that have become ingrained into the minds of consumers. One would have to assume that Verizon would soon follow in the same footsteps as we've seen them also making some changes that were soon followed by rival AT&T. However, Sprint remains to maintain its current focus on being a value brand provider that essentially offers customers the most bang for their buck. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was asked a question in an email regarding the company's policy stance about keeping its unlimited data plans unlimited. Customers can let out a sigh of a relief, somewhat, as Hesse says that “one can never say 'never,' but we have no current plans to change our pricing.” Sprint has gone opposite when it comes to plan offerings as we've seen them offer unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to any carrier to their arsenal and the fact that they will continue to keep its data unlimited. However, the mention of 'never' does make some people wonder whether or not Sprint will increase or possibly decrease its rates – there is always that slight chance, but it could be for the best with the consumer in mind.

source: Engadget


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