DROID DNA vs Galaxy Note II poll results: Yes, the DNA can do it!

DROID DNA vs Galaxy Note II poll results: Yes, the DNA can do it!
OK, guys, we've given you enough time to cast your votes in favor of the HTC DROID DNA, or the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It's now time to see what the results are and start analyzing them!

So, it's relatively safe to say that you are actually in love with the DROID DNA by HTC, as you've stated it loudly and clearly that it has the potential to overcome the Galaxy Note II by Samsung in this increasingly bloody warfare. However, the margin between the two isn't that big, so this win doesn't mean HTC can relax. Nope, the Taiwanese manufacturer absolutely needs to keep those cutting-edge devices coming! The DROID DNA has managed to beat the Galaxy Note II in our poll with 53.87% of all votes, but the Note II still has quite a bit of following with 46.13%.

The DROID DNA seems to be the superior device in most categories, except for storage space, where it's basically stuck at 16GB, with no option to expand this. Meanwhile, the Note II comes in different internal memory variants and features a microSD card slot. Still, having vast amounts of storage space isn't a must for everyone, so we wouldn't consider this a deal-breaker for the DNA, especially when it comes with that beautiful $199 price tag, instead of the $299 that carriers are asking for the Note II. The only thing we can hope for now is a wider availability for the DROID DNA, which is currently exclusive to Verizon Wireless.

Can the HTC DROID DNA deal with the Galaxy Note II?

Yes, the DROID DNA can do it!
No, the Galaxy Note II is the ultimate phablet.

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