DEMOmobile announced World's First Magnetic Communications Wireless Headset

Aura Communications, Inc. today announced the world's first universal wireless headset based on magnetic communications technology at DEMOmobile 2003.

Using Aura Communications' LibertyLink® technology, the foneGEAR Cord Free headset uses an enhanced form of ‘near field' magnetic communication rather than conventional radio frequency technology to become the lowest power, most affordable wireless headset on the market today. Compatible with existing mobile and cordless phones, and even PCs, foneGEAR's Cord Free creates a secure communication bubble that surrounds and is uniquely owned by each user for reliable and private communications.

Designed to rid consumers of yet another AC wall charger, foneGEAR Cord Free uses a single AA alkaline battery to achieve up to 25 hours of talk time and 3 months of standby power. The foneGEAR headset dispenses with the conventional standby or ‘on-off' button, so users never need to remember to turn it off. Simply dock the headset in the base that attaches to your phone through a universal 2.5 mm headset jack - and you're ready to go for your next call.

The device will be available at the price of between $59 - $79. foneGEAR expects to be carried by major nationwide electronics chains and mass merchandisers upon first product shipments in the 4th quarter of 2003.

What is Magnetic Communications?

While the concepts behind magnetic induction communication have been around for decades, Aura is the first company to develop and implement practical solutions capturing the unique benefits of this technology. Conventional radio frequency (RF) wireless communication systems are optimal for sending large amounts of information and communicating over long distances. However, this consumes power, creates security issues through its widespread broadcasting of information and results in interference and “crowding” among devices. A good example is in the 2.4 GHz band where simultaneous operation of a portable phone, WiFi network and Bluetooth headset is frequently not possible without severe degradation of Quality of Service.

In sharp contrast, LibertyLink's magnetic communication operates in the low-frequency industrial, scientific and medical band at 13.5 MHz, creating a 3-dimensional ‘bubble' that envelops the personal space of each user and is – by the laws of physics – inherently private and secure. The result is an easier to use, lower-cost systems design that makes far more efficient use of power and bandwidth than conventional RF solutions.

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