Cross-platform Wintermute voice assistant to best Google Now and Siri (video)

Cross-platform Wintermute voice assistant to best Google Now and Siri (video)
Nuance is the company powering Apple's Siri voice-recognition service, as well as the Swype virtual keyboard, and it has been increasingly vocal lately to make mobile presence of its own with the Dragon Mobile Assistant app.

The firm is taking it to the next level as a true cross-platform voice assistant, though, as it demonstrated at CES 2013 the work going into a system called Wintermute, that collects info about your dictionary, phrases and preferences, stores it into the cloud, and makes it accessible on any device you are using, be it a computer, tablet, or a phone.

Named after the artificial intelligence butler in William Gibson’s novel Neuromance, Wintermute aims to bridge the gap between virtual assistants left by the likes of Siri and Google Voice Search, letting you listen to a song on your computer at home, then get into the car and tell the phone "play the song I was listening to" to pump the beats out of your car stereo. Very neat idea, and we can't wait for the first beta to hit our devices with personality and attitude.

source: Nuance



1. naptown2

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2. xSamx

Posts: 5; Member since: Jan 09, 2013

omg...i must build a bunker...Skynet is coming

3. andro.

Posts: 1999; Member since: Sep 16, 2011

Um seems like these apps are becoming increasingly invasive and pretty much looking to collect every info about the user and store it in 'the cloud'. Alot of people would consider this breach of privacy!

5. Fallout09

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They are getting it any way. I just happy to see that it is being used to benefit my daily life rather than being sold to some marketing firm.

4. iliketech

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Nuance has been at it for a long time... I just need MY PHONE to call who I say to call without re-saying it three times... and hopefully apple won't sue anybody over using this shared technology,,, like disabling voice search on my phone... One of the most useful things on a Smartphone... Hello!

6. stychill unregistered

Excellent App

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