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Cricket Wireless launches DirecTV Now service, streaming will not be zero-rated

Cricket Wireless launches DirecTV Now service, streaming will not be zero-rated
Cricket Wireless has just launched the DirecTV Now service on its network. This comes as no surprise; AT&T itself - the company that currently owns both DirecTV and Cricket - launched DirecTV Now yesterday. However, it looks like there's one major difference between how DirecTV Now works on AT&T and how it works on Cricket.

The interesting part is that, unlike AT&T, Cricket is not zero-rating DirecTV Now streaming. AT&T has drawn a considerable amount of criticism among net neutrality supporters for zero-rating DirecTV Now traffic and is currently investigated by the FCC over the practice. In its defense, AT&T says that its sponsored zero-rating program is available to all third-parties and is actually beneficial to customers. 

Now, since the data used for DirecTV Now will count towards your monthly quota, Cricket points out that the DirecTV Now service is best matched with its 'Unlimited' plan. Furthermore, the AT&T subsidiary also says that its Cricket Wi-Fi app will be a useful tool in discovering Wi-Fi hotspots around your location, suggesting that it would be best if you consume DirecTV Now content over a Wi-Fi connection.

Otherwise, it looks like AT&T and Cricket have the same DirecTV Now subscription plans and promotional incentives. 

In case you're new to DirecTV Now, the service allows web-based access to the DirecTV satellite TV service. There are four program packages to choose from, ranging from $35 per month for 60 channels to $70 per month for 120 channels. For more details on the programs included in these packages, head on over to the source link below.

For a limited time, Cricket is offering the 'Go Big' package at $35 per month, down from $60 per month usually. Customers will be able to keep the $35 monthly price for the duration of their subscription. On the long term, you could end up saving a lot of money.

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source: Cricket Wireless


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