Creative's ZiiLabs ZMS-40 quad-core chipset will allow true 1080p 3D stereo video

Creative's ZiiLabs ZMS-40 quad-core chipset will allow true 1080p 3D stereo video
NVIDIA Tegra 3 did with quad-core ARM-based chips what it did with the dual-core ones - was the first to market with a branded product, personified by the Asus Transformer Prime, but competition is heating up.

Qualcomm with the Snapdragon family, Texas Instruments and Samsung have all announced plans to out quad-core silicon, and some smaller niche players like Marvel and Freescale are there too. Now Creative, which was famous with the SoundBlaster soundcard family not long ago, is entering the game with its ZMS-40 creation.

The chipset includes all the usual bells and whistles that come with an ARM-based SoC of this magnitude, and supports H.264 decoding up to 3840x1080 resolution for true 1080p stereo video. The ZMS-40 is initially targeted at creating a tablet tailored specifically for China, and Creative's ZiiLabs already have a reference Android 4.0 platform slate, called Jaguar, to show the capabilities of their new silicon.

The company also banks on Creative's sound expertise, and includes the "Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi -- Crystalizer and CMSS-3D audio effects" component in ZMS-40, providing for a better than usual sound experience. The Jaguar Android ICS tablets are now sampling to select customers, and Creative hopes to create a tablet alliance that will make possible powerful but cheap slates with its chipset to flood the willing Chinese market at first, which is expected to explode in terms of tablet demand.


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