Cows? Move over, Tunisia – this mobile game lets you win actual gold!


Yesterday, we told you all about this Tunisian game that lets top-performing gamers win a live cow. Moo! We immediately asserted that Western game developers should one-up them by awarding top players with actual candy and diamonds! And what do you know, there's actually a game that does just that. It's called Dig That Gold and playing it yields you an opportunity to win a gram or two of the good stuff.

The game is about collecting virtual gold nuggets by digging blocks in mines. Players must leave the mine before the air inside runs out and 'pan' what they've collected to get to the nuggets. You can then go back into the mine to find any blocks that you may have missed, or explore one of the other mines in the game. Based upon your in-game progress and the amount of v-gold you've managed to collect, the game's developers may – at their discretion – offer an award of a small bar of real world gold in exchange for your virtual gold.

Although the game shows a progress indicator of your chances of scoring some precious metal, it provides only an approximate indication. See, the amount of virtual gold you must collect in order to exchange it for real-world stuff will change dynamically, based on variables like the number of people playing the game and the fluctuating price of 24k gold. Still, the developers promise that the award rules operate "fairly between all players".

Dig That Gold is free and available on iOS devices.

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