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Counterfeit (Fake) Headsets - How to recognize and avoid them; what are the differences?

Beware! Counterfeit is everywhere!

According to Wikipedia, “A counterfeit is an imitation that is made usually with the intent to deceptively represent its content or origins. The word counterfeit most frequently describes forged currency or documents, but can also describe clothing, software, pharmaceuticals, watches, or any other manufactured item, especially when this results in patent infringement or trademark infringement.”. In our case we are talking about fake Bluetooth headsets. The look-alikes were functional units but either with inferior design, features, or performance.

The whole idea for this article emerged when we purchased a Motorola HT820 headset from Ebay for our own use. When it came, we were really outrages by the low quality of the plastic mold. After a day of use, the “Motorola” logo unglued. At that time we were sure that the headset is fake. So we went on an Ebay shopping spree and purchased several earpieces like the Nokia BH-800, BH-200, Jabra JX10, Motorola H700, Motorola HT820 Stereo Bluetooth, Motorola H700, H500, H3 and HS850. At the same time we got original ones either directly from the manufacturer, or purchased them from large and reputable online stores like

As online auction sites have become extremely popular, selling counterfeit items is now extremely easy. The “business people” now only need an Ebay account. They could be located anywhere in the World, but thanks to air-cargo, items shipped from Hong-Kong or China arrive within a week or so. Customs are of course a lot less suspicious if a single package goes trough them, compared to a container with fake headsets which was the usual way before. Another plus for counterfeiters now is the lack of need to risk of being caught when trying to sell their products – again thanks for Ebay and the rest of the auction sites, offering their merchandise is very easy task.

In the next few pages we will tell you how to differentiate between a genuine and counterfeit headsets; how do they compare in quality, battery life and range; what to do if you intend to purchase one soon; and finally, what to do if you already have a fake one.
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