Cook: “We’re going to double down on secrecy on products.”

Cook: “We’re going to double down on secrecy on products.”
Another interesting statement from tonight’s interview with Tim Cook at AllThingsD’s D10 is about Apple’s famous secrecy. Cook said, “We're going to double-down on secrecy. I'm very serious about this -- double-down.”

The statement was made after referencing information about the company trickling out, it seems as if he is definitely not happy about the amount of leaks that have been occurring.

Cook touched on the secrecy issue again when asked if he plans on acquiring more companies during his time as CEO. He said, “We buy companies. We don't like to make it public. It depends on the amount -- if I don't have to, I won't. Yeah, that's part of the doubling-down on secrecy.”

On the other hand, Cook said Apple is going to be “super transparent on some other things.” He said, “We think if we do that, we think companies will copy us, related to social change. I'm thinking about work we're doing with suppliers.”

source: AllThingsD

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