Control your Viper remote start through your iPhone

Control your Viper remote start through your iPhone
On top of the myriad of things that the iPhone has been seen to perform, you can add to the list being able to control a Viper alarm system. Sure you can quickly use your remote to jump start your car from a reasonable distance, but what if you wanted to show off and do it from a great distance like 10 miles? Well if you have an iPhone in hand, you'll be able to do just that. Viper just introduced its SmartStart line which consists of an in-car hardware module with a cellular connection – enabling you to lock, unlock, and remotely start your vehicle from just about anywhere. If you currently have a Viper system installed, you can purchase a module that'll be added to your existing system for $300 while an all-in-one will cost you $500. Now the cost doesn't stop there, Viper will be charging $30 per year for remote iPhone starting features – something we're confidant iPhone owners would be willing to pay. Fortunately you won't have to pay that premium just yet – it's free for the first year. So if you really want to impress a friend of yours, they might think you've overdone it with the remote Viper system on your iPhone. The cool factor though might make it a worthy investment for some.

via CruchGear

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