Comcast and Clearwire putting the heat on AT&T and Verizon

Comcast and Clearwire putting the heat on AT&T and Verizon
The race for wireless broadband supremacy is starting to heat up with Comcast and Clearwire joining forces together. The two companies are announcing the “High-Speed 2go” service which bundles Clearwire's WiMax wireless 4G service with Comcast's high speed home broadband service. You may stop and wonder that the cost may be somewhere up there, but in reality it's at an affordable $50 per month and only offered in the Portland, OR area. Verizon and AT&T have yet to roll out their 4G service, so Clearwire looks to have the advantage and strengthen its placement with the partnership. Timing will be key to the success for both – the need for Clearwire to expedite the roll out of service across the country and Comcast's marketing strategy with its customers. Either way, analysts firm Strategy Analytics estimates a boom in mobile broadband to double in the next couple of years; Clearwire definitely making a head start.

source: Comcast via Cell Phone Digest


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1. ravensfan55

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I'll take my dedicated FiOS line and AT&T data card over that WiMAX trash and shared bandwith cable connection any day.

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