Bitcoin got you down? New Coinn app makes cryptocurrency investing less scary

Bitcoin got you down? New Coinn app makes cryptocurrency investing less scary

You've heard about Bitcoin, right? How couldn't you, it's the most famous cryptocurrency, and its wild ride from $2000 to $20,000, and now back to $8000 or so in the span of months is a boon for trigger-happy speculators investors.

Trading cryptos could bring pots of gold for those who know what they are doing, resulting in cryptocurrency brokererage apps shooting up to the status of most popular iOS entrants in the App Store. The wild speculative swings that Bitcoin and the other cryptos are experiencing on a daily basis are not for the faint of heart, and you really have to do your homework before you take a second mortgage on the house to plough it into virtual money.

Enter Coinn, a "smart crypto investing" iOS app that tries to put a method into the madness by evaluating the hundreds of coins and tokens out there, letting you size them up on a uniform cross-crypto basis. Starting with a tongue-in-cheek warning for the newbies out there that you don't really have to buy a whole Bitcoin to invest in cryptocurrencies, Coinn takes it from there with a streamlined, easy to use interface that allows for customizable watchlists arranged to your liking.

From real-time quots to screener tools for the jungle of tokens out there, the app puts investing in "the future of money" at your fingertips. you can quickly size up the BTC equivalent of this or that currency of your choosing with a single tap, sort and filter by various metrics, and, last but not least, gawk at charts that visually represent, say, the $60 billion wipeout that happened to the cryptos' market cap yesterday. Success comes to those who do their homework, and Coinn lets you prepare it on the go.


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