Clear's iSpot will connect your Apple devices to 4G for $25/month

Clear's iSpot will connect your Apple devices to 4G for $25/month
This is not necessarily the first time we're seeing Apple products being used to sell another product, but Clear's latest device is seeing a limited price drop that makes it one appealing offer you can't help but look at. We've seen in commercial spots on how Sprint's WiMAX trotting Overdrive unit will enable 4G connectivity to Apple's iPad and iPhone, but Clear's iSpot takes it slightly further with one promotional offer that's sure to catch the gaze of anyone living under Clear's limited nationwide coverage. The iSpot is just like your ordinary Mi-Fi device, but this one is unique seeing that it only allows connectivity to devices running Apple's iOS platform. You'll be able to share 4G goodness, even 3G when 4G is not present, to a total of 8 iOS powered devices at any given time. Although your limited to a select lineup, the beauty in all of this can be found in the inexpensive month-to-month cost of only $25 – so that means you can cancel at any time without any penalties. It's more than half the cost of other monthly Mi-Fi services, but Clear has an advantage which enables you to gobble up as much data since the plan provides you unlimited data access to your iOS devices. To top off the sweet offer, the iSpot device itself is being reduced in price to a mere $29 until August 10 when it'll jump back to its customary price of $99 – so you'd better jump on this offer while you still can if you happen to fall under their coverage.

source: Clear via Unwired View



1. PapaJay224

Posts: 866; Member since: Feb 08, 2009

Ive been delivering this story for months, good job phone arena. 25$ a month you can have 4G on any wifi enabled smartphone you want. Sounds like Sprint is the first to throw a blindfold over everyones eyes. Looks like Ill be able to have LTE *AND* WiMax if I need it. Thank you Verizon for actually using 4G. And thank you Clearwire for making Sprint look like an idiot.

2. GetItRight unregistered

@PapaJay224 It's funny how you say Sprint look like a idiot and Clearwire's majority ownership is SPRINT. LMAO. Its called BRANDING. Like how AT&T change there name a several times with the same suspect service. lol. So get your CLEAR and as bad as everyone like to talk about about Sprint, You are still paying Sprint's percentage. And I see you stated VERIZON. The experience you have on Verizon 4g will not support the bandwidth you need to equal the same experience on Sprint/Clearwire. Clearwire/Sprint is the only network that can handle the usage. Thats called taking your time and getting it right and not rushing into situation. Do your research before sounding like a IDIOT.

3. phonedemocracy

Posts: 98; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

Yeah PapaJay, your comment is kind of idiotic. Normally you avoid sounding like a bandwagon jumping noob. Clearwire supports Wimax right now, not LTE. They can upgrade to LTE if they want to later. They provide Sprint's 4G service, and Spring has a large stock in the company. This device will not give you LTE coverage. It will allow you to use your WIFI to connect to a WiMax router of sorts, and then use that to get to the web. For $25 bucks a month it matches Sprint's Hotspot which is $30, but can be used with any device, not just Apple. You have to be in a 4G area for this to work.] In the future Sprint and Clear might switch to LTE. Right now Wimax is easier to set up, and can eventually be upconverted to LTE, so they are not shooting themselves in the foot. I love Verizon, and can't wait for their LTE either. For right now, Sprint offers the best speed, so I'll use that when I need to. (FYI I have a Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T phone. My T-Mobile I canceled, no problems with it, but it was redundant. My AT&T phone is a paperweight).

4. CRICKETownz

Posts: 980; Member since: Oct 24, 2009

@GetItRight - well i think the point he is trying to make is that WiMax is not true 4G so when LTE launches Sprint will be dwarfed which they are already questioning whether their WiMax decision would be good enough for long term results but of course that's the "Now Network" for you...never thinkin ahead always focusing on the immediate for instant gratification. Now there's two cracks in the armor of your argument - A. even with the mammoth of a phone which is the EVO, lowered churn rates, and the fact that they give every wireless service known to man away for next to nothin customers still leave Sprint like the morning after sex with the town whore. B. Sprint remains #3 in the wireless industry with no sign of movin up. So regardless of what remarks you made above to try to make the other person feel stupid...pump your brakes b/c it makes you look like an idiot when you have these two harsh realities for a company you are tryin to defend. More bandwidth is not a big factor when everyone else will be runnin like broadband with tiered data and Sprint will be like the new dial up.

5. GetItRight unregistered

You have valid points but at the same time the point you are making was the the same point Mr. PapaJay224. True 4G? U cant be serious? Sprint/Clear is the only 4G company that has a proven product, everything else are all WHAT IFs and WHEN conversation. Metro PCS will have LTE services running before Verizon even gets started as verified to launch in Las Vegas and Dallas this year. Do you even own a Clearwire product? Seem like you are just believing everything you read and not what have you have experienced. Even once LTE is up and running, it will still piggy back off of the Clearwire Network. Your statement about dial up will be reality with Verizon LTE super power due to lack of structure. Once again I see you feel the need to comment before researching your statement. lol.

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