Class teaches dogs how to use tablets

Class teaches dogs how to use tablets
Can your dog be taught how to use your tablet? According to Anna Jane Grossman, a trainer and co-owner of School for the Dogs in New York, using food is a great way to get your canine interested in your mobile device. One trick is to put peanut butter on a plastic dummy tablet screen, or rewarding your dog with a treat every time they listen to your command to touch the screen.

Vets agree that letting your pooch use your tablet could be good for them. Dr. Michael Farber  says that "anything that keeps a dog busy and entertained and stimulated … is a positive thing." And Grossman, who runs classes in New York City that teaches dogs how to use a tablet, says that none of her "students" have ever busted an iPad, even without using a special case for protection. While the screens might not break or crack, Grossman admits that they get dirty a lot, which means that they do need to be cleaned often.

One app that could help train your dog is Big Words, which is 99 cents in the App Store. The app allows you to type words using extremely letters that cover the whole screen. Grossman uses it to teach dogs certain commands like "sit," giving the pooch a treat whenever the correct action is done. Some believe in this type of training, while others disagree. Dr. Farber says that most pet owners will get frustrated when their pet doesn't respond to the written commands.

source: NYPost

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