Claimed HTC Sense 7 screenshots leak, reeking of Material Design

HTC promised it will update the One (M8) and (M7), as well as the mini 2 to Lollipop within 90 days of Google throwing the source code at them, which will happen next week, so we can reasonably expect Android 5.0 on HTC flagships very early next year.

With a brand new, 64-bit Lollipop should come a brand new Material Design-inspired HTC Sense interface, right? Right, said HTC, and rolled up its sleeves. What you are seeing here, are purported screenshots from a test HTC One (M8) running a Lollipop build, with the eventual new HTC Sense 7 interface. 

Lollipop's Material Design apps and menus look cohesive, colorful, and clean. We can broadly compare their looks to the direction which LG's design team took for the LG G3's Optimus UI - flat, minimal, and very user-friendly. The Holo theme and its various incarnations are a thing of the past. 

All Google apps and interfaces have been treated to the unified look, too. It is pretty evident that HTC has thoroughly reworked its iconic Android coat of paint to match the new Material Design, and we have to say that we can't wait for more screenshots and info of any new functions to trickle down the pipeline about Sense 7.

source: YouMobile

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