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Cingular to offer MySpace bands's songs as ringtones

Cingular Wireless, the US number one carrier, announced its plans to launch a new service, called Cingular Mobile Music Studio, in co-operation with InfoSpace and The new service involves selling bands' music in the form of ringtone downloads. is a social networking site, which is very popular with teenagers and besides increasing its revenue the carrier sees the launch of this service as a way to improve its image among young people. MySpace-accredited bands will submit their songs to a panel of judges from InfoSpace. After the song is deemed original, it will be transformed into a 30-second ringtone. Customers will be able to preview and download the available ringtones for $2.50 each. Afterwards 25 percent of this sum will go to the bands themselves and the rest of it will be divided between Cingular and InfoSpace.


Cingular Wireless and MySpace's partnership doesn't start now. They've already launched a service, which allows the carrier's subscribers to be alerted every time there's an update posted on their MySpace profiles.



Source: (via The Seattle Times)

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