Chrome to Mobile lets you and anyone else share links to your device

Chrome to Mobile lets you and anyone else share links to your device
One of the nicer features of Google's new Chrome Beta for Android is the ability to send links to your device from your desktop. This is not a new feature, as it can be done with any device using Chrome to Phone, but there's a cool twist with the new version. 

Where Chrome to Phone requires both a Chrome extension on your desktop and an app on your phone in order to work, Chrome to Mobile just requires the Chrome extension on your desktop and Chrome Beta on your phone. With the extension, you can send links to your phone, and even set it to save a copy for offline viewing. The cool trick is that you can actually share your device, so anyone you want can send links to your device. This could be useful in a team setting, or if you have a friend or significant other who likes sending you links. 

How to make this happen is relatively easy. Of course, you need to have the Chrome browser on both your desktop and mobile device, and have the Chrome to Mobile extension installed and set up. Once you've got that done, go to your Google Cloud Print settings, and you should see your Android device as one of the listed devices. Just click on that and use the green share button to send the device to someone else. Once that person accepts the shared device (and of course has Chrome to Mobile installed on their copy of Chrome), they will be able to send links to your mobile. 

Obviously, you'll only want to share this with people you trust. Otherwise, you could end up with quite a lot of unsavory links flooding your mobile device. 


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