Cellphone in pocket calls cops while kid brags about robberies

Cellphone in pocket calls cops while kid brags about robbery
Remember that story we reported about the mugger who sent a picture of himself to his victim who then had the guy busted? Here is a story about someone with even fewer brain cells. The Phoenix New Times reported about a 16 year old from Peoria who was running off his mouth, trying to impress his pals by telling them how he recently stole some items from a car. As he was bragging, the cellphone in his pocket somehow dialed 911 and the cops were able to hear the kid discuss that a stereo in the car was bolted down and how he had to rip it out. Click on the source link to hear the police recording of the phone call, during which the robber's friends talk about how unimpressed they were with a stolen Cricket phone and how they wished it had been a BlackBerry. Using triangulation of the cellular signal, the good guys were able to get a location on the perp and he was caught with a stolen car stereo in his hands. Ultimately, he was released to the custody of his parents and was charged with felony vehicle burglary for which he will be tried in juvenile court.

source: Phoenix New Times via Phonedog

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