Celebrate Google's 19th birthday with 19 games celebrating past Doodles

Today happens to be Google's 19th birthday! And while the company is not nearly as old as that fruity company that the two Steve's (Jobs and Wozniak) did NOT start in a garage, it still makes us feel old. To celebrate, Google has posted on both its mobile web site and the desktop site, a spinner that takes you back to some of Google's most memorable Doodle games.

For those unaware, the Google Doodles appear when the search giant changes the Google logo to celebrate a holiday, an event, certain people and inventions/creations. Remember the first time that you discovered that the Doodles show up on both the desktop and mobile sites? Today, to celebrate 19 years of Google, you can go to the desktop or mobile search` site and try your luck with the spinner.

Some of the games that are available to play include a musical puzzle game that was first used to commemorate Beethoven's 245th birthday, a new snake game, and 2010's Pac Man game. According to time management software company Rescue Time, seven years ago the Pac Man game cost the U.S. economy $120 million and 4.8 million hours in productivity as mobile and desktop players spent their working time munching energy dots and chasing/running away from ghosts.

Tic-tac-toe is also available along with an Earth Day quiz. Search for Google birthday surprise spinner to spin the wheel or to play some of the Doodle games. Now, clear your voice, take a sip of water, and let's hear you belt out your 19th Birthday wishes to Google.

source: TheVerge

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