Canadians tell the CRTC that it's time to end 36 month contracts

Canadians tell the CRTC that it's time to end 36 month contracts
The Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is thinking about writing a "national code" for wireless service. As a result, it set up a platform where Canadians could speak their mind about the issues they have with the mobile carriers in the country. 1,043 submissions were received on and off-line and the number one problem that Canadian wireless customers want ended is the 36 month contract.

That's right. While in the U.S., most major carriers give you the opportunity to buy a subsidized phone every two years, in Canada, carriers will look up customers for three years. Some of the comments received by the CRTC pointed to the U.S. system and asked why Canadians couldn't have the same thing. Some Canadian carriers have been known to offer both three year and two year contracts.

The CRTC sent out a tweet thanking those who participated and asked them to come back on January 28th to vote on a Draft Code, which is an outline of the proposed rule changes.

source: MobileSyrup


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