Can the Google Pixel rival Apple's iPhone?


Google unveiled two new phones yesterday: the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, and these are the first two devices that carry the explicit Google branding.

Make no mistake: these are Google phones all throughout, meant to showcase what Google can do when it controls both the hardware and software aspects of a device, much like Apple does with its iPhones.

And Google itself made constant references and jabs at the Apple iPhone, rather than comparing the Pixel with other Android phones. All of this shows that - despite its limited retail presence - Google is serious about positioning its new Pixel phones as direct iPhone rivals. Do the Pixel and Pixel XL have what it takes to compete against the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?

You've probably already read about the two new Google phones, how they compare against the rest in terms of specs, so now we want to hear your thoughts on whether they can really be a worthy rival to Apple's iPhones. Vote below and let us know why you think so in the comments section.

Can the Google Pixel compete against Apple's iPhones?

Yes, the new Pixel phones have what it takes
No, the iPhone is a superior device

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