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Call me maybe: How we choose to contact women in the digital age

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Call me maybe: How we choose to contact women in the digital age
OK, so relationships may not be what a geek's best at, but we do know a thing or two about dating. For example, last week we met this girl on Facebook. She's so hot, and you know what? Since we have absolutely no problems when it comes to communicating our thoughts and feelings, we simply told her she's hot. With a PM, of course. All of a sudden, we were blocked and we never saw her again...

Can you imagine the kind of people there are on Facebook? She blocked us just like that, for nothing! Thankfully, women aren't usually so difficult, and you can normally establish a contact using all sorts of means, including phone, Facebook, Skype, etc., etc. But what does it mean when we choose to make the first step using a text? Is it a good idea to stalk a girl on Facebook, even if you decide to call her the "normal" way after that? Do our chances with girls/women improve if we pretend to be a little more old-fashioned than we really are?

Let's take a look at the most popular ways of contacting women these days and see how each one can help or prevent us from succeeding!

Method #1: Voice calling

Pros: Our smartphones allow us to do all kinds of communication nowadays, but probably the easiest way they can get us a date is by doing a good, old-fashioned voice call. Why is that, you ask? Well, if there's one thing we know about women, it's that they are probably the most geekless people on the planet. It's 2013 and women are still most impressed by men who care about... well, normal stuff, such as food, cars and football. Now that we think about it, it's hard to find anything wrong with that, but anyways, the point is that you'll hardly become a heart-breaker even if you spend a whole day friending random girls on Facebook. You want to be a man? Then pick up the phone and dial that number. Women will appreciate that.

Cons: Of course, dialing a number means that you've already managed to get that number, which might be a bit tricky in some cases. Another disadvantage of this method of establishing contact is that you need to act on the spot. You can't spend a few moments (or minutes) choosing your best answer, you need to think quickly. In case you aren't the most skillful talker, there are two things you can do: a) avoid ruining your chances with the woman of your life by trying to go for the texting route, or b) make a few practice phone calls with some friends first, and then, when you've warmed up, call her. PhoneArena strongly encourages you to face your fears and go with b).

Method #2: Text messaging

Pros: The good thing about text messaging is that neither of you will expect much from the other (if the other has chosen to contact them via text). What we mean is that you're not supposed to say much with a text, so even if communication with people isn't your biggest passion, that can easily be covered by the informality of the text message.

Cons: Unfortunately, things just can't be so easy, can they? One has to be extremely careful if they choose to approach that special someone via a simple text. Not only is it informal, it's also showing lack of serious interest. If you really want this to work, it'll be best to avoid the text message. Still, if that's the best option you have, make sure those 160 characters count. And be sure to type fluently.

Method #3: Email

Pros: We do realize that email is not the most popular way to contact women these days, but it's actually not a bad way to communicate with someone when you do not have any immediate intentions. Maybe you're still in a relationship (that has no future)... or, maybe your current girlfriend is spying on your phone or Facebook? If this is the case, then the least popular means of communication may also prove to be the safest ones. On top of that, email allows you to say much more than a simple text. Provided that you actually have something meaningful to say, it's probably best to compose a nice and well-punctuated email. Adding a picture of a cuddly animal can help immensely.

Cons: If the girl or woman that you're trying to seduce (look at us, seducing women with email, how pathetic is that?) turns out to be living in the digital age, you may actually make yourself look pretty weird by sending her that email. Using email to contact friends and women that are relatively close to you (and why would you want to contact women that are far away?) is so last... decade. It'll be better to to pick any of the other methods outlined in this article, except for the text message, maybe.

Method #4: Facebook

Pros: If you compare it to texting and email, Facebook is actually not that bad an option. It's relatively easy to find anyone on Facebook, and it gives you a lot variety in terms of how you'd like to establish contact. First of all, you can friend her. Then, you can start liking her images, you can comment on them, and, guess what, you can even send her a PM kind of message, if she's away, or an instant message. All of these things create a slightly different context that may prove useful in achieving your ultimate goal - getting a date.

Cons: As popular as it is, Facebook's starting to wear out its potential as a date-making service, you know what we mean? At first, it was kind of cool to friend girls on Facebook and then ask them on a date, but nowadays there aren't too many women left that would gladly accept your offer this way. If you just feel that the Facebook way is the right way for you, though, note that it's essential that you first know the girl from somewhere else. This will increase your chances indefinitely.

Living in the digital age can be a blessing and a curse, depending on what you want to use your digital services for. Your life can benefit immensely from having access to the tons of information and seamless communication with people around the world. However, it probably isn't a very good idea to rely on technology too much when you want to start a new relationship. Using technology to keep in touch with people is one thing, but it shouldn't really be our first choice when we want to ask someone on a date. This is one of those occasions when our smartphones can do us a favor by acting as simple dumbphones, at least for a few minutes.

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