Build your Dream City and solve a strange mystery in the latest town building game to hit Android and iOS

Developer: Storm8 Download: Android, iOS
Category: Games Price: Free

Looking for an opportunity to waste a few minutes or hours building cities? Today's your lucky day, for publisher Storm8 launched Dream City: Metropolis (Dream City). In this game, players are free to imagine, build, and evolve a metropolis only they have dreamed of. While planning your city, take into account the tall mountains and the sunny coastline nearby, and decorate its streets with landmarks, shops, boutiques, and eateries.

Dream City starts with a town built by the great railroad tycoon, Old Man Chesterfield. Following his mysterious disappearance, the place falls in dismay, and players are given the opportunity to restore it from the ground up. You will be meeting characters representing different industries, such as fashionista Isabelle, chef extraordinaire Gus, and celebrity Slade. Interacting with them, you will decide what businesses, civic buildings, tourist attractions, and landmarks will be most beneficial for your city.

Over the course of the game, players will complete various quests to get rewards and solve the strange mystery of Old Man Chesterfield’s disappearance. The city building aspect will involve "collecting" hundreds of unique buildings, including real-world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building; unlocking neighborhoods to customize and discover new content; trading goods with in-game characters; and expanding the city to win more prizes and resources.

Developers promise they'll be keeping things fresh with an ongoing series of special in-game events. The first will be Citypalooza, a large music festival scheduled for mid-July. It will will feature an outdoor amphitheater where your Dream City citizens will hang out and catch shows. Players will be completing challenges that earn them VIP Passes, unlocking special rewards and prizes, such as the chance to host their own animated concert on the Main Stage. The game is also integrated with Regal Cinemas, one of America's leading theater circuits. This lets players receive in-game rewards for watching branded trailers and videos.

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