Brand new Wi-Fi only version of the Motorola XOOM is on sale today only for $329.99

The conditions of the deal/s may have changed since the initial publishing of this post.
Brand new Wi-Fi only version of the Motorola XOOM is on sale today only for $329.99
In the last few months, we’ve seen quite a few deals regarding the very first Honeycomb tablet in the Motorola XOOM, but with most of those sales, you were getting something refurbished – you know, something that was probably previously owned by someone. To make matters worse, there was that incident surrounding refurbished XOOMs that were improperly reset before being resold, thus, potentially containing the previous user’s information.

Well people, this time around, things are a bit different seeing that daily sales web site is offering a brand new Motorola XOOM for only $334.98 total (that’s with shipping included). Specifically, you get the 32GB Wi-Fi only version of the XOOM, which is safe to say, a good enough deal taking into account that it’s brand new in the box – like never been opened or touched by other human hands.

Despite not being the cheapest deal we’ve seen for the XOOM so far, it’s worth pointing out that this is the first time we’re seeing a great deal on a unit that’s brand new. Naturally, you can invest that moolah into something a bit more comprehensive in the specs department, but hey, it’s still decent enough when you factor in its tough construction, decent performance, and great price point.

Therefore, if you’re itching to snag on this deal, you’d better do it before the clock strikes midnight – because like all the other deals on 1saleaday, it’s only valid for a single day.

source: 1saleaday

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