BlackBerry Storm now available from Verizon Wireless

BlackBerry Storm now available from Verizon Wireless
As promised, Verizon Wireless has released the first touch screen BlackBerry device in the U.S.; the Storm.

The highly anticipated phone comes well equipped for the average user and the business users alike. A quick run through of the features:

  • Dual-band (800/1900MHz) for CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A
  • Worldwide roaming is supported by quad-band frequencies for GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Singe-band (2100MHz) for 3G roaming
  • 1GB of hard memory and supports microSD card slot (comes with a 8GB card)
  • Portrait and landscape views
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, auto focus and video recording
  • Bluetooth with A2DP support
  • Compatible with Visual Voice Mail
  • Capable of tethering with laptop (Windows only)
  • Supports VZ navigator
  • HTML email support and browser

It is now available online or at Verizon stores at a price of $199.99 with a 2-year contract. A BlackBerry data plan is required to get the discounts.

Those of you who rushed to get one, were you able to get it or was it sold out? And if you did, what are your first impressions on the ground breaking device for BlackBerry?

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered

After using a demo one, I left without buying it. The touchscreen drove me nuts trying to use it. The software was slow, and the transitions were not smooth. Scrolling in the browser isn't smooth either. I'm waiting for Sprint to show their hand of new Blackberries, if not, it's off to AT&T to get a Bold.

15. unregistered

I'm posting this from the storm right now and it is awesome! This is just a demo unit too. No problems. I want this phone!

71. unregistered

sorry #1 there will not be a special ED version for you to use

86. unregistered

Wtf are you talking about #71? All Verizon Phones are Special Ed Phones... they are crippled! Are you serious?! A Special Ed Network with Special Ed Phones... and some Special Ed Customers such as yourself.

98. unregistered

What did they cripple on the Storm again? Besides putting that ugly red checkmark as the default wallpaper?

122. unregistered

86- let us remind you we are talking about cell phones. If you feel that strongly as to call everything on vzw crippled, which is a complete false statement, then you need a therapist.

127. unregistered

i agree wit 124. if youre calling vzw crippled then AT&T is dead

128. unregistered

I used the storm today to see what it's had to offer but I cnt say I was impressed. I found that big button (the screen) was more worrisome it may be because I'm used to the iPhone but I could get n2 pressing the screen I'll haveto say ima sick with my iPhone!

162. unregistered

Yea I got mine at Best buy they have a deal where u can get a free blue tooth and geek squad set up on your email and bluetooth and the price is 199.99 with no mail in rebate

169. unregistered

More then likely #1 has terrible credit and he is pissed that he can't get a verizon phone with out paying a deposit

174. unregistered

Wow... great way to refute someone's opinion... falsely and ignorantly attack what you perceive to be their financial status. Good job kid.

180. unregistered

lol other way around technically, att has a bigger network than vzw

196. bong_water unregistered

you can unlock the storm to use on att. ive seen it done. its all over the net already. that in itself shows that its less crippled then the iphone

208. unregistered

Are you serious? ATT's network is only based on global coverage. In the US they are microscopic! Compare their coverage, especially their 3G, to Verizon's in the US. Who's got the biggest now? Seriously. Some people. How often do you go abroad?

229. luvinlunch unregistered

You're crazy - there is nothing slow about the storm. The touch screen is so fast it's like "lighting" LOL Can't keep it in stock. Sorry ATT :)

243. unregistered

can you please show us some facts.. charts.. maps.. that you can use to prove that point? Coverage wise, Verizon creams the competition nationally. Data coverage wise, its just embarrasing. If VZW was a doughnut, ATT wouldnt even be big enough to be the hole. If you base your statement off of the stupid commercials that lie to you, its based on "global coverage" which means they have partnerships for roaming outside of the US, which is a partnership, not ATT service. Like anything, nothing is 100% so you will always find spots where company B is better than company A or company C.. ect ect, but on the whole, its VZW all the way in AMERICA. As for the storm you played with, if it was slow it was because everyone was playing with it and noone turned all the APPS OFF. just like a windows or many other smartphones, the storm leaves EVERY APPLICATION you play with RIGHT WHERE YOU LEFT IT, when you back out of it. You have to actually close the program down through the menu to turn it off. Once you dont have 30 things running, its very fast and smooth. any other hiccups will be fixed in a software update. any new major device is bound to have a bug or 2.. especailly your precious Iphone which has had nothing but troubles lately.

250. unregistered

Or in a persistent vegetative state...

257. alex_rockssocks

Posts: 6; Member since: Aug 10, 2009

so many people replying to this one comment this guy left so i might as well should too.

2. unregistered

its cool it looks real nice. i also used the demo wanted to see it first. i texted a lot of friends, and i have to admit that texting on the phone takes getting use to and believe it or not your gonna get tired of it, or at least your thumbs will. its cool that it clicks but it requires you to push on it, not just touch it and i actualy put more pressure than an actual keyboard phone. im gonna have to develope a thumb work out program so i can enjoy this later. it reminds me of playing video games, then your thumbs hurt. the ladys probably wont like it. lol

231. unregistered

Most of the demo phones in the stores came out of the box set to 2 or 3 on sensitivity and no one bothered to adjust. Raise it to 5 and lower the "hover time" to 100 and it will be Lot easier to text and navigate in general. Still takes some adjustment, but after tweaking the settings i love mine

3. unregistered

I'm returning mine, the phone is a pain for me to use. SurePress is annoying, and the software is slow. Not sure if I'm going to hold out for the Omnia or go get an iPhone.

35. vzw fanman unregistered

why would you just be getting an iphone now, if you did go get one

55. unregistered

Because I was waiting to see if I liked the Storm, and I don't. I've used an iPhone before and I like it.

130. unregistered

if you liked it then you should have just got it

232. unregistered

just remember, there will be a software upgrade within the next 2 weeks that will address most issues including any delays. It's amazing that people will defend the 18,000 upgrades for the I-phone, but don't want to wait for the first one from RIM


I got four in the store and it took 5 minutes for it to start up, unlike my Curve that takes 2 1/2 minutes. But once it turned on, OH MY! The touchscreen actually reminds me of my trackball. You glide your figures across the screen to move and scroll and press down on the screen to select an object. Some may say this is not user friendly, but lets face it, ITS A BLACKBERRY, they DON"T lose customers because once you're a Blackberry user, you are a Blackberry customer for life. The Storm will have you name your phone. When you refer to it you will call it your Blackberry not your phone. The phone is sexy, sleek, and a touchscreen Blackberry. It works like my curve but its just prettier. If the Iphone was available for VZW, i would get it, but its not, so the Storm will do for me. Its a great start to, what i believe, RIM's new line of phones.

5. unregistered

LLOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL fanboys i can't hear u..... not an iphon e killer i c....... look at u guys quiet as a church mouse.....fanboys mark this day....11 21...reality sets in that th eiphone go force urselfs to like it....

7. unregistered

What are you typing on, something by fisherprice? Maybe you could settle down a little while typing. I am sure we will all still be irritated by your snappy comments when you hit "post reply". No need to rush it.

20. unregistered

come on now. I have an iPhone 3g too but I don't find it necessary say stiff like that even though I know where you're coming from. You and I both probably told people to wait for the phone to come out first before comparing and calling it an iPhone killer. I still think the phone is pretty cool, but I just hope that next time people wait before bragging.

27. unregistered

Ok first of all I agree with 20. Why don't you wait and see before saying anything? Second, the iPhone is an awesome phone, but it will never be as good as it could be without verizon. Verizon beats AT&T any day and you know it. The service is much better. That's why almost all of the people I know with an iPhone complain of dropped calls all the time. The only one that doesn't complain about dropped calls uses it for internet only, and that doesn't even work correctly for him all the time. What you ultimately pay for when you get a phone is the service, that's the most important thing. All the extra features are great, but the service can make or break a phone. And by the way, let's see the iPhone send a picture message, or let's see it even take video. Also, you're comparing a phone that has been out for a while, and has gotten upgrades and things since then, to a phone that is brand new today. Give it some time and get over yourself.

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