BlackBerry Pearl 9105 sporting a T9-style keyboard - another version of the 9100?

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BlackBerry Pearl 9105 sporting a T9-style keyboard - another version of the 9100?
Aside from the BlackBerry Slider that's been getting some decent face time, the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 has also been popping up every now and then in the news spectrum. There now seems to be another model, the 9105, that was mentioned in an OS leak for the upcoming device – it's speculated that it'll be similar except for the fact that it sports a classic T9-style keyboard. There's no doubt that the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 will offer the SureType keyboard, but things got a little bit stirred around when rumors of another version potentially saw a full QWERTY tacked on. Although it looks like the existence of the BlackBerry 9105 is pretty clear from the leaks, the  T9-style keyboard would appeal to users who prefer the traditional way of composing messages. Now more than ever, it would seem as though RIM is more intent on marketing the Pearl 9100/9105 as the gateway device from a some basic handset to a full blown BlackBerry – we'll see if RIM has any other tricks up their sleeves.

RIM BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Preliminary Specifications

source: Twitter & BBnews via IntoMobile



1. ace1122

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Isn't one of the main points of having a Blackberry the fact that it has a keyboard?

2. rwolf1984

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