BlackBerry 8910 made a surprise appearance at CES

BlackBerry 8910 made a surprise appearance at CES
Although CES has been over for a bit, we’re still seeing some surprising news coming out of it. During the event, there’s always a likely possibility to see unannounced handsets being accidentally revealed by various vendor partners. The BlackBerry 8910 made an appearance in the flesh over at the Case-Mate booth. The smartphone itself was out in the open with one of Case-Mate’s battery pack/case and tethered to prevent unwanted poachers from slipping it into their pockets. It’s the first time we’re seeing a clear view on what to expect with the BlackBerry 8910 – it’s definitely clear that the optical trackpad will become the navigational choice. Complete specs on the handset are still a bit hazy, but the rumors about it may still hold true with the final production. You just never know what you can find perusing the many booths of CES; you may get lucky and find gold with an unseen handset right in front of your eyes.

RIM BlackBerry 8910 Preliminary Specifications

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