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BlackBerry 10 gets 15,000 apps submitted in 37 hours

BlackBerry 10 gets 15,000 apps submitted in 37 hours
BlackBerry 10 is coming very, very soon with the official platform launch set for January 31st, and the first devices running on it expect at the end of February, but probably the biggest question with BB10 remains its app support. Today, we are hearing some good news - 15,000 applications have been submitted to BlackBerry 10 in just two days, or if we have to be perfectly exact - in 37.5 hours.

RIM twice hosted a Port-a-Thon event to get developers engaged and working on porting their apps to the upcoming platform. Devs were given $100 for any app that was approved in BlackBerry’s app catalog.

In addition, BlackBerry gave away devices with the first developers having two to five apps submitted getting a PlayBook and those who had more than five getting a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha phone.

RIM will fight a tough and uphill battle against Windows Phone, and most notably Android and iOS, but 15,000 apps are certainly a good start.

source: BlackBerry via The Verge


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