Biking directions coming to Google Maps on phones

Biking directions coming to Google Maps on phones
One of the most highly requested features has finally made its way to the desktop version of Google Maps, but the searching giant soon plans to make the feature available with its mobile version. Currently available in the US only, bike riders can easily use Google Maps to provide some of the best step-by-step bicycling directions – the new Bicycling layer is broken down to three distinct colors to make users aware of how bike-friendly they are. In building up all of the best routes, Google has worked closely with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy to obtain information on the most suitable bike trails in over 150 US cities. This feature definitely has its place with mobile users that plan on using their handsets for directions with Google Maps – it goes to show how Google is of course coming up with new ways in keeping its venerable application fresh. Let's hope that Google gets this rolled out soon because we're pretty sure that bike riders out there would prefer carrying along a cell phone as opposed to a laptop to get their directions.

source: Google via Unwired View


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1. PhoneWar

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Thats great, next thing you know there will be laws to prevent bicyclists from texting and biking or one hand on the handle bar and one on the phone. Whats next???

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