New iPhone and Android games worth playing in 2019

New iPhone and Android games worth playing in 2019
If you are wondering what new mobile games are worth playing, you might feel a bit lost when you open the app store and get swamped with all the new releases.

That's why we have picked the games that we enjoyed the most and cast out the ones that go overboard with the in-app purchases and other shenanigans.

In this list you'd find different genres of games, all newly released and sorted with one important criteria in mind: how fun they are to play!

So let's take a closer look at the best new games for Android and iPhone in early 2019.

Beat Cop

Beat Cop is a police adventure game that is all about being a cop in the NYPD in the 80s. It's all sorts of crazy and chaotic: from writing parking tickets to helping citizens get rid of a dead body, to encounters with drug dealers on the block, and car theft calls. All of that comes in a point-and-click adventure game style and flavored with some fun characters.

Stardew Valley

One of the most high-quality and addictive releases so far this year, Stardew Valley is a must if you enjoy gaming and don't mind spending endless hours with a very rewarding gaming experience. The story is all about running your own farm that your grandfather passed to you in a quite nasty state. You grow the crops, water them, sell and then invest the money to expand. And it's all awesomely complicated with a ton of skills, sub-skills, plants and livestock, almost like a mini-world you have to manage on your own. But farming is far from everything here: you have an open world with people to meet and enemies to fight, and a few other activities.

Arcane Quest Legends

You might have heard about the Arcane Quest series of games and if not, this is the third one in the family and it's a turn-based strategy game with role playing elements, or put simply: it's a Diablo-like game. Unlike the majority of such games on mobile, however, this one is not ruined by ads, timers and all the rest of the beautiful strategies that game developers throw at you after an hour or so of gameplay. You get the whole first act of the game for free, while the second and the third ones are available as in-app purchases. The game is fun, dynamic and it's worth checking out.

Ghost Town Defense

Ghost Town Defense is a game that combines three genres into one: tower defense, strategy and role playing, as an evil ghost attacks your city. Your job is to arm yourself with weapons to shoot and build the towers to resist the attacks as an evil king army is approaching. 

Alien: Blackout

If you're a fan of the Alien series, you will not need much of an incentive to try this game, but it's worth it even if you're not. In this horror game you play as Amanda Ripley, daughter of Alien series main character Ellen Ripley, and you are on a station and of course there is an alien here. The goal is to direct a crew of four to repair their ship, so that all of you can flee, but you run into trouble along the way.

Space Justice: Galaxy Shooter

A classic arcade shooter placed in the futuristic world of the 23rd century, Space Justice lets you take control of your personal battlecruiser to go on a bullet hell battle against rivals’ spaceships. You can upgrade your ship with weapons, drones and use other tactics, and there is a player versus player mode as well.

Ares Virus

A top down shooter in two dimensions, Ares Virus takes place in a post apocalyptic world where the Ares Virus is unleashed and hordes of zombies come out, plus resources are getting depleted. In this scarcity, your only option is to fight your way to survival.

Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is a true emobidment of a "classic" MMORPG game and it's an absolute champion in keeping you glued to the screen for hours on end. The game has a giant fanbase across the globe, some of which dates back to the release of the original waaay back in 2001, more than 17 years ago. Originally started as a browser game, it has now made its way onto both Android and iOS, and the cool thing about this game is that it sticks to the successful formula of the original without the often annoying flux of updates that comes with most other games. There is a free version, but if you get hooked, you will need to pay $11 for a monthly subscription, or pay for a few months and get that down to as low as $8 a month. So the game itself starts with you building your character on an island and then... you have nearly complete freedom to pursue anything and everything, from a skill to a challenge. This freedom is definitely addictive. The one complaint with the mobile version is of course the comfort as it's just not as comfortable to play on a smaller device like a phone, but it's definitely possible, so if this sounds interesting, give it a try.

Candies 'n Curses

This new arcade action game puts you in the shoes of a character named Molli, challenged to visit a nearby haunted mansion, which (surprise, surprise!) is packed with ghosts. Molli fights the ghosts with her flashlight and the game is played in portrait mode which is very convenient on a phone. The whole idea is to go between floors and kill as many ghosts as possible to keep your kill streak at its maximum, and eventually you will reach the boss fight and after that you can advance to the next level. The game, however, is filled with ads and constantly reminds you about in-app purchases, which ruins a lot of the fun. We guess that's the price most games pay these days unfortunately.

Hit the Light

Hit the Light is a new brick breaker puzzle game. Each level in the game is a carefully crafted picture made entirely out of neon lights. Your job is to demolish them using different tools, each with their own unique characteristics: a bomb breaks everything within the parameter of the explosion, a ninja star slashes through everything in its way and bounces off the level's walls, while metal balls ricochet against the neon objects. Unlike a traditional pinball/flipper type of game here, you don't have a paddle here and the balls don't come back, but instead you have a limited amount of shots with each tool.

I have played through the first dozen levels and what hooks you up is that so satisfying sound of breaking glass. The game is definitely not too challenging, but not too easy too, so it feels enjoyable to play.

Hit the Light is free to play with in-app purchases, but you can easily skip them altogether and they are not terribly intrusive. Of course, if you like the game and want to support the developer, we strongly suggest you actually spend the $3 to do that. You also have another type of in-app purchases, diamonds, which are the game's currency that you can spend on buying all sorts of fancy guns. As you play the game, you will be able to try those guns out for free, but the other attack weapons are also a lot of fun.

Do not play: Angry Birds Dream Blast

One of the biggest launches of January 2019 is without a doubt the new Angry Birds Dream Blast, which is a bubble popper type of game with a rainbow of colors and a very cute look, but really once you start playing, you realize how game studio Rovio is milking the last bits off the Angry Birds idea. The game is made with a clear pay-to-win strategy, so it's almost impossible to advance after a certain point in the game without spending real cash for boosts. And when a game is so obviously made with profit, not fun in mind, it gets a thumbs down from us.


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