Best Buy's iPad playbook leaked - hints to limited quantities

Best Buy's iPad playbook leaked - hints to limited quantities
Best Buy's playbook for the Apple iPad has recently been leaked and provides some insights of what to expect for its inevitable release to the masses. With over 670 stores nationwide, it would easily be a target for some people who don't live near an Apple store and wish to get their hands on the latest gadget out there. Reading closely at the playbook, it states that each stores with be limited to 15 Wi-Fi only iPads on launch day which will be distributed between the three different versions that will be made available – it doesn't say how many of each will exactly be in stock. In addition to the stock that's expected for the April 3 launch, it looks like they're expected to get a replenishment of 15 units that will go on sale April 11. That would seem like the plan unless supplies are severely constrained which would mean that they will have to hold off the initial amount of inventory they receive. Finally, the iPad will only be on sale through their store channels and not online as previously believed. Expect to also find a decent amount of accessories to outfit your newly purchased Apple iPad at stores. We'd suspect that lines will begin to start forming maybe a few days before it's release – so make sure you have all of the necessities to sit out the long wait at stores. If you happen to find yourself to be number 16 on the line, you'd better not waste your time waiting any longer and go elsewhere.

source: TUAW

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