Best Buy's Super Bowl commercial will center on mobile and its $50 gift card promotion to customers

Best Buy's Super Bowl commercial will center on mobile and its $50 gift card promotion to customers
Seriously, there are tons of outlets where you can find fantastic deals on smartphones. From carrier stores to the vast online retailers out there, there are plenty of places to shop around and choose the best deal for you. Well, big box retailer Best Buy isn’t going to sit idly this year to watch the competition reel in customers, but rather, they intend on unveiling their new promotion during the biggest media event of the year – the Super Bowl.

Back for round two, Best Buy managed to get themselves a commercial spot during last year’s Super Bowl, and rightfully so, they’re doing the same again this year. However, they’re going to place emphasis on its mobile division by introducing a spicy new promotion for customers that decide to upgrade to a new smartphone with them.

From the looks of it all, customers who happen to register their phone numbers with Best Buy between now and February 12th will qualify to receive a $50 gift card – well, that’s as long as they upgrade to a smartphone with Best Buy before the end of the year. In fact, they’ll receive the $50 gift card at the checkout process when they come into any Best Buy store to upgrade their line to a smartphone of some sort. Then again, if you're upgrade date isn't until 2013, then this deal won't apply to you.

Heck, that seems like a pretty aggressive move on their part considering places like Amazon tend to come to the table with some killer pricing. Therefore, on top of possible shelling out no money to pick up a smartphone through Best Buy in the near future, customers will be graced with a free $50 gift card for simply going with them for their upgrade. Naturally, if you’re already made decision to go to Best Buy for your next upgrade, then be ready to register your phone number with them before the 12th.

source: Best Buy via CNET


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