Best Buy to slash HTC Flyer's price to $300 on Oct 6th

Best Buy to slash HTC Flyer's price to $300 on Oct 6th
Best Buy is slashing the price on the 7-inch HTC Flyer to just $299.99 next Thursday, October 6th, a knowledgeable insider shared with us. The ad materials have already been prepared so while it still hasn’t been made official, the deal seems a lock. 

Now, that comes just a day after the Amazon Kindle Fire dared the industry with its $199.99 price tag and surely a quick way to respond for HTC. But there could be more to it - the price drop might be coming as a preparation for a wider launch of HTC’s other tablet, the 10-inch HTC Jetstream, which is now available on AT&T.

We can't say whether this was indeed influenced by Amazon in any way, but given another rumor about the retailer cutting the BlackBerry PlayBook also to $300, it's very probably. In either case, we are witnessing the very quick price transformation of the tablet segment, at least when it comes to 7-inch tablets. Now, with just a $100 difference, the purchase of a full-fledged tablet with access to the Android Market and the standard suite of Google apps over the Kindle Fire seems much more reasonable. Any buyers?

Thanks, anonymous!

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