Best Buy puts the BlackBerry PlayBook on sale, slashes $200 off

Best Buy puts the BlackBerry PlayBook on sale, slashes $200 off
It was only yesterday when we reported that Staples and Office Depot are slashing the price of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, yet other retailers were pretty quick to follow suit. Best Buy is now willing to sell you a PlayBook at $200 off its regular price, meaning that a 16 gig model will cost you the reasonable $299 and a 64 gigabyte version will set you back $499.

What makes Best Buy's offer tempting is that you get the discount instantly without the need to wait for mail-in rebates or to deal with in-store gift cards. On top of that, there doesn't seem to be an end date for the sale, meaning that the BlackBerry PlayBook price drop might be permanent.

The announcement of the Amazon Kindle Fire might be among the reasons for Best Buy to put the PlayBook on sale. With a price tag of $200, Amazon's tablet will likely sell like hot cakes, which will hurt the PlayBook's already poor sales even further. Besides, the Kindle Fire will come with a 7-inch 1024 by 600 display and a dual-core processor, pretty much like what the PlayBook has to offer, meaning that some might consider it a worthy alternative to RIM's tablet. 

Still, if grabbing a discounted BlackBerry PlayBook seems like a wise investment to you, feel free to hit the source link below and check the offer out.

source: Best Buy via CNET

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