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Best Buy already has stock of the Palm Pixi Plus in stores?

Best Buy already has stock of the Palm Pixi Plus in stores?
Sometimes there are some rogue stores out there that just defies the odds by blatantly overpowering authority by releasing a handset ahead of its launch date. It’s either that or someone completely was unaware about the news to strictly wait a specific date before it’s a green light to start selling. We still have roughly a few days before the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are expected to officially launch, but there’s one place where you might be able to score one – depending on how well you can talk your way into allowing the sales reps to sell you one. One person was able to seemingly take a snap of a Palm Pixi Plus that was in-stock at their local Best Buy store. Although they weren’t given the option to buy the handset, you never know what can transpire with that one lone rep that wasn’t clear on instructions.

Palm Pixi Plus Specifications | Hands-on

source: Engadget


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