Best Buy Mobile's Buyer's Guide showcases a 4G enabled HTC Aria

Best Buy Mobile's Buyer's Guide showcases a 4G enabled HTC Aria
When you have a handset on the cover page of a buyers guide, it'd better have a darn good reason of being showcased center stage over other handsets. In fact, Best Buy Mobile's most recent Buyer's Guide clearly shows off AT&T's HTC Aria in front of other Android sets like the 4G packing HTC EVO 4G and Iron Man 2 backing LG Ally. If you meticulously take a closer gander as the HTC Aria, you'll probably amazed to find that wonderful 4G icon – usually found on the EVO 4G when you're in a 4G area. Call it one Photoshop blunder, but we'd imagine that there will be some remote customers who actually believe that the HTC Aria is a 4G enabled smartphone – when in fact it blatantly isn't; especially with AT&T. One would imagine that there would be a lengthy review process before things are finalized and ready for publication, but unfortunately this one managed to slip under the radar.

HTC Aria Specifications

source: Best Buy via Android Central


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