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Benchmark test results suggest quad-core Toshiba tablet in works

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Benchmark test results suggest quad-core Toshiba tablet in works
The benchmark scores of a possible quad-core Toshiba tablet
Looks like Toshiba has a quad-core tablet coming, powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3. Using the code name of "toshiba06", a common early code name for Toshiba tablets, the device was put through the paces at the AnTuTu benchmark web site. The results showed a processor clock speed of 1.4GHz and like the rest of the benchmark test, produced results similar to that scored by the Asus Transformer Prime. Considering that the latter is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3, it is possible that the Toshiba unit has the same processor under the hood.

Outside of the 1.4GHz processor speed and the similarity of results with the Asus Transformer Prime, there is nothing definitive that shows whether or not the unnamed and unannounced Toshiba tablet will have the Tegra 3 inside. But you have to believe that other quad-core tablets are being readied for launch in 2012; based on the benchmark results, it looks like this new Toshiba tablet will be one of them.

source: ubergizmo via Phandroid

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