Beep-boop! Ping gives you random interesting notifications from the Internet cosmos

Developer: Secret Inc.Download: Android, iOS
Genre: ProductivityPrice: Free

The makers of Secret, the Silicon Valley's favorite gossip-spreading software tool, brainstormed a simple and clever app that you never knew you needed in your life until you got it. You are going to like this app.

After Ping installs, you tap the little black dot and select a bunch of topics that interest you - completely, vaguely, maybe a little, or not at all. Then, Ping disappears in the reaches of your device's random access memory, only to rear its tiny head in unpredictable moments, broadcasting fragments of stories pulled from sources familiar and foreign into your notification tray. Voices from places such as Twitter and search trends, established media and news portals, weather channels, the Secret app, daily fortune cookies, random thoughts (YMMV), "Yeezus speaks" (lol!) chime in with little fragments of information that lead to their original sources when you tap.

Ping puts the right kind of randomness in your life, and does it without being annoying, confusing, or harmful. The app is about as harmless as Yo, but it's, frankly, a lot more interesting. It's not the pinnacle of smartphone development, nor it tries to be. But one can't deny Ping has potential. Just imagine the chance competitions and random draws that can be organized through it. Since it's developed by Secret Inc, which is a fast-growing startup, it's unlikely Ping will remain in its dead-simple state for long. And someone will inevitably borrow the idea and build a more featured app.

Ping is free and available on Android and iOS. Beep-boop!

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