Beats Audio available on any rooted Android running Gingerbread

Beats Audio available on any rooted Android running Gingerbread
Beats Audio enabled HTC phones have nothing to do with hardware; it’s all software – essentially it's just an advanced equalizer. Two modders over at XDA have ported Beats Audio into a mod that will work on any Gingerbread or Gingerbread-based ROM.

The downloadable zip file can easily be flashed via ClockworkMod. The profile is then enabled on the device with no additional app needed. Like all audio, the appeal of Beats Audio does depend on personal preference. Some claim they love the sound, while others say they don’t hear a difference.

The following image shows a comparison before and after the mod is applied to a Samsung Galaxy SL, so there is definitely a difference in the sound. If that sound difference is better or not, is up for debate.

Like with most things, it’s best to decide for yourself. You can head on over to XDA to download everything you need to add Beats Audio to your rooted Gingerbread phone.

source: XDADevelopers via LifeHacker


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