Batteries that go from 0% to 100% charged in 26 seconds; mobile version is coming

Batteries that go from 0% to 100% charged in 26 seconds; mobile version is coming
Imagine being able to charge your smartphone battery in just 26 seconds. Actually, this is not imagination. It is reality, thanks to inventor Shawn West, who has developed super fast rechargeable AA, A, C and D sized cells. West is seeking to fund his invention via Kickstarter. On the video that is posted on the site, West says that he will be able to use this technology to develop mobile batteries with the same properties.

This obviously could be a game changer. West is seeking $10,000 to fund the project, and thus far he has raised $9141 with 7 days to go. A $25 pledge will earn you a AA battery and a charger, and because of a long shelf life, you can put the cell away in a drawer somewhere,and it will be ready to provide full power when called upon. The initial shipments will take place in October.

Unlike other rechargeable batteries that eventually have to be tossed, West claims that his batteries can go through the recharging process thousands of times. If all of what West says is true, it sounds like he has come up with the Holy Grail of batteries. Once smartphone batteries take less than 30 seconds to charge, wallhuggers would become extinct.

source: Kickstarter via PocketLint


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