Barack Obama’s BlackBerry addiction is about to stop soon

Barack Obama’s BlackBerry addiction is about to stop soon
It seems that the elected U.S. President - Barack Obama, has a slight addiction to the RIM BlackBerry devices. The people are saying that no matter where he is, he carries his Smartphone constantly and keeps in touch with colleagues and friends via e-mail. Unfortunately, it may become necessary for him to stop this practice soon because, according to the law, the general public must have access to his entire official correspondence. Obama is not the first U.S. President facing this issue – Clinton also had to cease the e-mail services.

However, according to the New York Times, there is still possibility for solution of this issue – allowing the President to receive e-mails but not to send them. Therefore, Mr. Obama will still have the chance to enjoy the new BlackBerry Storm

sources: Gizmodo and Register Hardware



1. unregistered

lol! they need to modify these laws. its 2008, technology is changing the world including politics!

2. vzw fanman unregistered

who says he has verizon? he prolly has tmobile

3. unregistered

wicked! obama on tmobile.

4. unregistered

no! he has boost! were u @! lol

7. DeeBee unregistered

Actually, he has 8700c on AT&T :D

12. unregistered

he has verizon people...he's with the best

13. E-Dubb unregistered

He has the I-Phone people. He's on a new 2 year contract.

14. unregistered

no he's on sprint. no one said sprint yet so I had to.

15. unregistered

No he has Alltel, thats why they're shutting down haha

26. unregistered

No he has Metro PCS LMAO

27. vzw fanman unregistered

actually he has alaskan communications with palin ;-). i saw palin with a voyager..

32. unregistered

Well its offical...according to CNN he has VERIZON! haha

5. unregistered

George Bush Has a VZW Blackberry. Fact!

22. unregistered

If I liked Verizon, I wouldn't be bragging about that. The man hasn't made the best choices, ya know?

24. unregistered

Bush has no idea how to work a Blackberry and if he did all emails he sent from the phone would be public record

6. unregistered

i think that his point was that if bush can use a blackberry then obama can to.

10. unregistered

i think at this point who gives a crap what phones those crooks at the white house use

8. unregistered

mobile devices plz. if u wanna blog about politic plz go elsewere.

9. unregistered

I'm actually surprised he hasn't been pictured with the bold.. That phone is hot..

21. unregistered

okay....just stop

11. unregistered


16. unregistered

I can't believe this site censored my previous post about Obama!

17. unregistered

maybe because they didnt care for you political banter either...take a hint.

29. unregistered

I'll take a hint you can't proof read your statements, tool. By posting a story about a political figure, it fairly opened the gates for "political banter".

18. unregistered

Maybe he should work on quitting his smoking addiction. Because you can't do that in the White House either!

23. unregistered

Learn to read twit! he has already quit smoking.

19. unregistered

George Bush has a Bold Obama has an 8700c Al Gore has an iPhone John McCain has an 8820 Joe Biden has a Nextel phone

20. unregistered

I don't think that's correct because there was a associated press story that Verizon deployed a COW (cell on wheels) for McCain and tried to pass it off as if they would do that for all there customers ( we all know they would not ) and the Obama camp cried wolf and Verizon put up a Cow for him too

25. unregistered

ummm actually during natural disasters such as katrina and ike verizon has sent out c.o.w.s just for future reference you may want to know what the term "cry wolf" really means.

33. unregistered

COWs are for large events and COLTs are for natural disasters.

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