Banks consider iPhone etc. for corporate email access

Banks consider iPhone etc. for corporate email access
Talk about kicking a guy when he's down. While RIM is still reeling from controversy (and financial loss) concerning their limited-access enterprise servers, multiple financial institutions are now considering allowing other devices to be used for corporate email.

JP Morgan Chase & Co is apparently testing the iPhone and certain unnamed Android devices in order to determine their potential as secure corporate devices. A spokesperson from UBS also confirmed that they are considering allowing the iPhone as a corporate device. Standard Chartered, a British bank, has already given employees the option of switching to the iPhone.

The corporate clientele of the BlackBerry has been its bedrock, and the BlackBerry has been the supposed gold standard of security. As these new doubts snowball and such big-named institutions put their trust in other brands, RIM might lose even more footing in the war of the smartphones. This loss of corporate market share along with the weak welcome of the BlackBerry Torch are sure to strain investor and consumer confidence.

source: Reuters



1. meagain unregistered

I actually feel bad for RIM at this point. But at the same time it's also pathetic what they offered with the Torch. Not a single thing about the torch was innovative, and the overall spec sheet was horrible at best. If they don't get their act together soon, RIM might become the new Microsoft, in terms of too little, too late.

2. djk unregistered

the Torch has improved web browser and OS is far as security..its probably all the same as other smartphones..but droid n iphones r worth trying anyways..droid is known to be very powerful in doing many tasks and apple gives a simple UI

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