Balloons for cellular service to be tested in rural areas

Balloons for cellular service to be tested in rural areas

Two American technology companies - Extend America Inc. and Space Data Corp.  – revealed that they are developing what is said to be the first ever technology, using hydrogen-filled disposable balloons to provide cellular coverage. The aim is to provide cellular coverage in rarely populated rural areas, where it is not financially justifiable to erect expensive towers. The two companies plan to launch a trial balloon in the next few weeks. If the trial is successful, they will launch balloons, providing cellular services in North Dakota, by the summer of 2006. The balloons will float up to 20 miles above the earth, delivering voice and data service to an area hundreds of miles in diameter within the state. If the balloon goes beyond the state, the electronic equipment is released and falls to the ground on a parachute. When it is on the ground, it signals its position, allowing to be collected for further use. If this service is launched in North Dakota, it is planned to be sold to existing wireless carriers.




Source: Yahoo! News


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