Badland 2 gets a surprise release on iOS

Badland 2 gets a surprise release on iOS
Badland is objectively one of the best mobile games available. The art is gorgeous, the sound is great, and the gameplay is fun. Somehow, developer Frogmind put together a sequel to the game and released it without anyone knowing that the game was on the way. And, if early reviews are to be believed, Bandland 2 might be better than the original.

For the most part, Bandland 2 is a pretty traditional sequel in that it uses everything from the original and just adds a couple new tricks. So, you're still controlling a weird flappy creature through silhouette-style levels. Your creature can multiply (for more death), get bigger, or lose its ability to fly. The big changes are that this time around are new liquid-based puzzles and the ability to fly both directions on screen. 

Essentially, if you liked the original, you'll like this one. Badland 2 is available now on iOS for $4.99, and Frogmind has promised free content "coming soon after launch" in updates. No word yet on when the Android or Windows versions might be available.

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