Asurion listings point to BlackBerry Torch 10000

Asurion listings point to BlackBerry Torch 10000
There isn't a lot known about it, or when it may be launching, but device listings from handset insurance company Asurion points to a BlackBerry Torch 10000 on the horizon. There are a lot of strange things about this listing, so we're not sure what good info can really be taken away from it. 

Most notably to anyone who has been in the BlackBerry ecosystem is that the number 10000 is something completely new. As yet, no BlackBerry device has gone bigger than the 4-digit numbering scheme. Another odd thing is that the iPhone 5 is also listed in the same database, so there's no guarantee that the BlackBerry Torch 10000 will be out any time soon, since the smart money would put the iPhone 5 release in October of 2012. Given that sort of timeline, it's possible that this may be the first BlackBerry Torch to be running BlackBerry 10, which would also explain the new 5-digit name. 

It's also unclear whether this Torch would be a full touchscreen or a QWERTY slider model, since RIM has split the Torch line into both variants. The one thing we can take away is that this device will be coming to AT&T at the very least, because it was found in the AT&T dropdown list for devices. We'll keep an eye out for any more info on it. 

source: Asurion via pocketnow

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