Asiq's Bluetooth access points on airplanes offer connectivity

Asiq's Bluetooth access points on airplanes offer connectivity
As we begin to see more airlines approve the use of Wi-Fi to offer passengers wireless connectivity during certain portions of a flight, there is yet another alternative that's being sought after. Bluetooth may not have a faster transfer rate than Wi-Fi, but it still offers another wireless option for passengers looking to send a quick email during a flight. Asiq announced the first Blue tooth Access Point that allows airlines to offer cellular services – this is achieved with Asiq's Safe Cell application that permits SMS, MMS, voice messaging, and email. Basically it call comes to its unique technology that takes away the need for a photocell on board the aircraft – rather, it utilizes the aircraft's satellite link for connectivity. The Safe Cell application combined with the Blue tooth Access Point would be suitable to transfer small sized files, swift pairing and connections, and connection up to 3Mbps. It only requires 2 access points to cover the entire body of an airplane – with the support for up to 192 connections. Although it's nice to see this coming around, bandwidth may prove to be an issue – you'll probably have to do some waiting around.

source: PRWeb via Phonescoop


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1. ibap

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Photocell? Do you mean femtocell? The referenced sources say Picocell or picocell. At least copy correctly. And I just can't wait to watch the cabin crew trying to help people get their phones paired with the system.

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