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Are you encountering any problems after updating to iOS 8.0.2?

Are you encountering any problems after updating to iOS 8.0.2?
Apple’s latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8, has been under the spotlight a lot, though not always for the right reasons.  From the get-go, iOS 8 presented users with problems from cellular data usage and Wi-Fi connectivity, to bugs with Safari and Apple’s new HealthKit apps which did not work either.

Within days, Apple pushed out an update, iOS 8.0.1, which was meant to fix those issues. However, as we all know, 8.0.1 pretty much made things worse, rendering cellular radios and Touch ID inoperative. Apple jumped in again with another fast fix, iOS 8.0.2, which was released on Thursday.

We have not heard of any widespread issues around the US, or Europe, but a few folks down under in Australia are apparently encountering problems here and there. The good news is that it does not look like a ubiquitous problem, even for users in Australia.  As for those having issues, it would appear that 8.0.2 was a bit of a miss.

Some users on Reddit posted they were still having problems with Touch ID, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Some people were able to do a restore via iTunes. We are not sure if this is symptomatic of a bigger problem, but based on the localization to Australia, we suspect it is not.

Have you had any problems since updating to iOS 8.0.2?

sources: ZDNet and CNET


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