Are the days numbered for the Palm Pre 2?

Are the days numbered for the Palm Pre 2?
When Hewlett Packard bought out Palm, it was clear that the real prize was the webOS operating system. That is why we are not terribly surprised by what a tipster says he was told by a Verizon rep. The story here is that the Palm Pre 2 will be launched later this month by Verizon. But after two months, HP will stop producing the phone in order to manufacture its own line of webOS handsets.

We must take this with a grain of salt, but it actually does make sense for Hewlett Packard to launch its own line of webOS devices. After all, the Palm name does not have the cache that it once had while HP's moniker has a much better reputation. It would be a fresh start for the highly regarded webOS which deserves a shot to be installed in some premium hardware.

Thanks Dan!

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Pre 2
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1. fsjon

Posts: 120; Member since: Sep 03, 2009

Posting through any WebOS device onto facebook already indicating "HP webOS" and not "Palm WebOS" would seems like they will/might be dropping the Palm name altogether...

2. miles unregistered

They re-branded webOS, but that doesnt mean that new phones dont have the Palm logo on them. They are planningon using webOS in non Palm products ie: printers.

3. JeffdaBeat unregistered

A Verizon in-store rep? Folks have to stop believing that front line people in wireless know any kind of insider information about what the company is going to do. Heck, most of the time, Area and District managers aren't told what the company is going to do because they can't keep their mouths shut. People who know don't tell, people who tell don't know.

4. davim00 unregistered

"HP will stop producing the phone in order to manufacture its own line of webOS handsets." That doesn't mean necessarily that HP is dropping the Palm name. It is generally accepted as fact that the Pre 2 was the last device Palm was working on before being purchased by HP. Had the merger not happened, the Pre 2 would have more than likely been released in June. HP Palm probably decided to just go ahead and release the Pre 2 since all the manpower had been used in its development, and as introductory hardware to get webOS 2.0 out to developers. Any handset released from here on out will be under HP's banner, but we have yet to see what those product lines will be called. Technically, you could say that HP produces its own line of compact economy PCs, but they are still badged "Compaq." I don't see why a similar branding couldn't happen here, i.e. the HP Palm Pixi; HP Palm Pad (or whatever other product names they come up with). For that matter, go to and you'll see the "HP Palm" branding in the upper left corner.

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