Apps with 3D Touch on iPhone 6s: here is a list

3D Touch is without a doubt the signature feature of the Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus: it opens up a new, quicker way to interact with apps that is much more efficient and might prove to be a huge time saver, and just a big convenience.

At launch, 3D Touch works with Apple's core, first-party apps - things like the dialer, where you can quickly 3D Touch and call your recent contacts, or with mail, calendar and others, where similar functionality is available.

And while you might think that it will take quite a while for third-party apps to support the feature, that's not quite true. Today, on the very launch day of the new iPhone 6s series, we're rounding up the third-party apps that already support or have definite plans to support the new interaction model with 3D Touch.

No one manually curated list is fully comprehensive, so if we've missed an app that already supports 3D Touch feel free to let us know in the comments right below.

iPhone 6s apps with 3D Touch

Facebook (click for iOS download link): Apple showed how you can use Facebook with 3D Touch right at its official event, so it is no surprise that Facebook promised it will support the feature. The update is not yet live on our app, but we expect it to go live in the very near future, and you can take a look at the image above to see how 3D Touch will be used with the Facebook app.

Instagram: The new 3D Touch functionality allows you to quickly navigate around your feed and post an image quickly

Pinterest: With 3D Touch you can now "Peek" and "Pop" into Pins, or jump right into search or creating a Board from your home screen

Dropbox: Allows Peek to show recently actioned files or folder, quickly upload photos, and search. Peek into files and folders

Shazam: Press firmly on the app icon to start Shazaming immediately with 3D Touch

WeChat: The popular in China messenger app WeChat has 3D touch shortcuts for quicker access to message composition and reading

OpenTable: Touch a restaurant in search results to learn more, and select a time to book instantly on iPhone 6S. Touch app icon to access favorites and upcoming reservations

Hipstamatic: Press lightly on a thumbnail to "peek" at the image, or press harder to "pop" into the editing mode. There are also various shortcuts accessible from the home screen icon

Sky Guide: See quick previews of any article while browsing the search menu with Peek and Pop. Get quick access to your Favorites, Search, or Satellites from the home screen by pressing on the Sky Guide icon

Tweetings: Supports 3D Touch for Quick Actions

Travel Guide by AFAR: Allows for quick searches by 3D Touching the icon

Workflow: Adds peak on workflow, or Peek from icon to predesigned shortcuts

All Readdle apps:
Spark: Quick Actions (writing a new email or using smart search)

Scanner Pro: Quick Actions (make a scan from your Camera or Photos)

PDF Expert 5: Quick Actions

Documents 5: Quick Actions (open recent, favorites, full text search, open browser)

Omnifocus: With 3D Touch, you can launch directly into a New Inbox Item, the OmniFocus Home Screen, the last item you were viewing, or Today

Bumpn: Will measure the force of a user’s touch to decide how many “hearts” a photo deserves

Things: Quick Actions menu for the app icon

Colloquy - IRC Client: 3D Touch now works with the iPhone 6s series for quick access to IRC chat functionality

Genius Scan: Press on the Genius Scan icon on your Home screen and get access to Quick Actions: Scan with Camera, Scan from Photos or Scan from Cloud

iPhone 6s games with 3D Touch

AG Drive

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