Apple's marketing officer thinks that Google Glass isn't for "normal people"

Apple's marketing officer thinks that the Google Glass is not for "normal people"
Google Glass, rest its Explorer Edition's bespectacled soul, has always had the doubtful quality of provoking extreme skepticism. The tech-inclined seemed cool with it - after all, it was a novelty, a new interaction paradigm, something that can be of benefit to many industry professionals, video producers, and people with disabilities, for starters. But the regular people, the ones who don't share our passion for technology, they weren't simply NOT into it... they disliked it immensely. Google Glass EE was a piece of surveillance gear that turned humans into monitoring cyborgs, for all they knew. Speaking of which, both camps seemed to agree that donning a pair of the $1500 hi-tech spectacles made you look like a dork, excuse the language.

As Google made the practical decision of pulling Glass from the market until it's ready for another go, a certain Apple CMO by the name of Phil Schiller took a metaphorical visit to the glasses' temporal grave and let out a big, triumphant laugh - in 2012. "I can't believe they (Google) think anyone normal will ever wear these things." - said Schiller in a leaked email exchange from way back, adding that Glass reminded him of "the push to market video goggles* a few years back". Apologies, Robert Scoble, Sir - Apple just said you aren't really normal! Your life, with or without Google Glass, will never, ever be the same *sadface*.

So, if you ever questioned yourselves where is the Apple Glass and why the Cupertinians are taking so long to compete with Google on the smart goggles front, you just got yourselves a harsh official statement on the matter. We can interpret Schiller's words in two ways - either there isn't money to be made in smart glasses because normal people wouldn't wear them, or smart glasses need a very socially acceptable, attractive design to achieve the iPhone's success (because when Apple launches a new product category, it doesn't settle for anything less). The key takeaway is that the smart glasses revolution is postponed.

* we assume Schiller referred to this work of the Devil

via Business Insider

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